Data Format

Note:  All times referred to in this data format are universal time.
Thus, for conversion of universal time to local time please use the longitude
information of the station. For any question regarding AMBER and SAMBA data format,
please contact Dr Endawoke Yizengaw at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Columns  01-04  Year       
Columns  06-07   Month          
Columns  09-10    Day of the month
Columns  12-13   Hour           
Columns  15-16   Minute
Columns  18-23    Second
Columns  24-30      Time (in minute for 1-min resolution, in second for 1 second and half-second resolutions)
Columns  32-34    Day of the year
Columns  38-47       Bx in nT (-9999.00 means no data)
Columns  48-57   By in nT (-9999.00 means no data)
Columns  58-67       Bz in nT (-9999.00 means no data)
Columns  59-60       Quality control (1 - means good data and 9 - means bad data or no data)